Oregon: "9,000 students on the autism spectrum in its public schools"

Jan 23, 2018, Oregon Public Broadcasting: PPS, Parents At Odds Over Providing Autism Therapy In Classrooms Tatianna Terdal’s son is exceptionally bright — and has special needs as a kid on the autism spectrum. … All he has to do is be disruptive in class and both his teacher and his para-educator will give him a bunch of books, set him in the corner, and he’ll be there reading all day,” she said. “The teacher is happy because he’s not disruptive, the class is silent, [my son] is happy because he’s able to read all day. But it’s not in his best interest, and he is not learning anything new.” … Cantwell said Portland Public Schools has six trained coaches and many teachers and para-educators working in schools to help students on the autism spectrum. Oregon has more than 9,000 students on the autism spectrum in its public schools, and they represent one of the fastest-growing disability groups in the state. Serving Portland’s roughly 800 students with autism fits a similar pattern for all kids with special needs, according to the PPS director.