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Omaha: Staff shortages; SPED program cut from 3 elem. schools

Aug 9, 2023, KMTV, Omaha: Three Omaha elementary schools cut special education services leaving families with tough choices
Teacher staffing shortages are a problem schools are facing nationwide. Here in Omaha, OPS has cut special education services from three elementary schools — Martin Luther King Elementary, Walnut Hill Elementary and Central Park Elementary.

For Alicia Garcia, this left her with two choices for her daughter, Rylee, who attended King Elementary. She could either transfer her nine-year-old or keep her at King Elementary and withdraw her need for special education services. With an individual education plan, ADHD and ODD, Garcia made the decision to transfer her daughter….

On Monday, families received an email notifying them of the change. It was then followed by a personal phone call on Tuesday to discuss their options….

OPS has met with staff from the schools impacted and said they're eager to welcome the new students as they start the year.


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