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Omaha: Police get "sensory kits" to deal with autistic people

Nov 2, 2023, KETV, Omaha: Autism Action Partnership provides Omaha police with sensory kits

Omaha police have another tool to help them interact with people with autism.

The department received 100 sensory kits to help officers interact with people who are nonverbal.

The kits are a new addition after officers underwent training on how to interact with autistic people and their triggers earlier this year.

Autism Action Partnership teamed up with Nomi Health to buy the kits. Each one cost about $75.

Sgt. Brett Schrage said officers will have them in police cruisers and other spaces to help them communicate during emergencies….

The kits also have fidget toys, sunglasses and noise-canceling headphones.

Wendy Andersen with AAP said these tools help decrease stress if the person is overwhelmed.

"Many times the fidgets are just a way to help individuals regulate, there are headphones in there, so maybe the noise is too much, sunglasses sometimes it's just too bright," Andersen said….

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Why are thousands of cops - nationwide - silently going after such people if it's a harmless difference? Can any level of corporate, for-profit OT therapy (mainly benefitting the practitioners and their financial income, not those with regressive ASDs) and public schools prevent such cop scenarios? Why is ABA failing to prevent these scenarios from happening?

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