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Omaha: New ASD services; "a great need" ...growing "more and more"

Mar 19, 2021, WOWT, Omaha, NE: New services in Lincoln help children with autism

NEWS VIDEO: “The rates are rising as screening improves…” “It didn’t take long to realize they needed more room to help more kids…. “According to the CDC, the prevalence of autism is increasing. One in 54 children in the US is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.” “The need is definitely there.” “With Lindsay’s business continuing to grow more and more…” A Lincoln business gives an inside look at what kind of services they provide to children with autism. A year ago this month, Autism Services of Lincoln was born. “We provide ABA services, which is Applied Behavior Analysis to children diagnosed with autism,” said Owner, Lindsay Stanley. Once the company hit the ground running, they notice a great need for their services so they went for a new change of scenery. … “There really isn’t a lot of services in Lincoln at this time. There are more organizations that are coming to Lincoln which is fantastic cause the need is there,” said Stanley. Autism Services of Lincoln is filing in that need. The learning styles with the children inside the facility show a good time and an effective way of learning. … With Lindsay’s business continuing to grow more and more, she’s grateful for the interactions they have with the kids. “The relationships that we have with these kiddos and families are amazing. That’s what we are proud of,” said Stanley. Autism Awareness Month starts in April and Lindsay says it’s a month to understand signs and symptoms of autism and being more aware and accepting.


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