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Omaha: Community Playhouse unveils "mobile sensory theatre"

Apr 6, 2023, WOWT Omaha: Omaha Community Playhouse unveils mobile sensory theatre

Omaha Community Playhouse’s mobile sensory theatre, is taking its show on the road. It is bringing a sensory-oriented environment to kids who have autism and other sensory sensitivities -- and it’s the first of its kind in the Midwest.

“It all takes place in the back of our mobile theatre van that’s designed to travel right to families’ homes, and they can come inside and have a unique individualized experience and experience theatre in a really amazing way,” said Stephen Santa with the Playhouse. “It can be an empowering thing for families and eliminate so many barriers that can be there for many families to experience art and theatre.”…

“It’s really a way for families to experience their needs in a non-judgmental way,” Santa said.


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