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Omaha: 3 elem. schools with no SPED classes; state senate hearing scheduled

Sept 5, 2023, WOWT TV, Omaha, NE: Hearing scheduled on lack of special education in some OPS schools

VIDEO Anchor: Some state senators want to know why Omaha Public Schools has 3 schools in one of the most challenged communities with no special education classes.

Reporter John Chapman: …Those 3 elementary schools … are all located in North Omaha.

State Senator Danielle Conrad: I think there are key disability rights issues at stake, key education law issues at stake, and key civil rights issues at stake as well.

It’s simply unacceptable that we would see a lack services being provided to our students in need in one of the most underserved areas of our state.

This should definitely raise a lot of red flags for people in the Omaha community. … A state senate hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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