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Olathe, KS: Every student takes mental health self-evaluation; suicide prevention program

Sept 24, 2018, Fox4, Kansas City, MO: Olathe School District says new mental health evaluations are already saving lives OLATHE, Kan. -- Teen suicides continue to rise. So, for the first time ever, the Olathe School District is using a new tool to help students better understand the state of their mental health. This fall, every high school student at every school will take this self-evaluation. It’s called SOS – the signs of suicide prevention program. … Last week they did it for the first time at Olathe South, and 133 kids ended up getting counseling services that day. Six of them ended up in the hospital. … Organizers of this program say on average, 12-percent of the student body will reach out for help.

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