Oklahoma: Isolation rooms "only in extreme circumstances to isolate a student acting violently"

Dec 10, 2017, Tulsa Public Radio: Despite Objections, Oklahoma Schools Use ‘Seclusion Rooms’ to Isolate Students A controversial practice of shutting children alone in small closet-like rooms to control their behavior has led Oklahoma parents to withdraw their children from school, seek police intervention and take legal action. … Some Oklahoma school officials defend the use of the rooms, saying they are used only in extreme circumstances to isolate a student acting violently. Or, as in Mustang, they are used as part of a program to prevent suspensions of students with severe behavioral and emotional disabilities. Fully funding special education. Detroit's school district has a disproportionately large share of students in special education programs that cost more to operate. In 2016, 18 percent of DPSCD students qualified for special education services compared to the 9 percent special education population in all charter schools in Wayne County. The statewide average among all schools for students in special education program was 13 percent. The last recommendation is an issue that the Legislature sidestepped during the bailout of Detroit schools 18 months ago. DPSCD officials say the district lost $40 million in 2016 on special education services that cost an average $40,000 per student (four times the district's per pupil state aid allotment).

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