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Ohio: 5-16% of kids have sensory issues; state fair will be "sensory-friendly"

July 20, 2019, Scary Mommy: Ohio State Fair Will Host A ‘Sensory Day’ For People With Special Needs The fair organizers have thought of everything The Ohio State Fair is putting on something special this year, hosting a sensory-friendly morning for fairgoers with autism and special sensory needs. The fair, held in Columbus, is planning to turn off flashing lights, music, and other noise on Wednesday, July 31 so people with autism and issues with sensory integration can come out and enjoy the day. Not only will audio and visual concerns be addressed, parking and ride line times will also be more accessible. … There is also a Wait Card which, according to their website, can help ease worry among fair guests. “Waiting is a very abstract concept for individuals on the autism spectrum. How long do I wait? Where do I wait? A wait card can provide a visual to support an individual while waiting in line for a ride, a game, food, or to pet the animals.” Sensory processing disorders affect five to 16 percent of school-aged children. …


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