Oakridge,TN: Program to train parents about how adverse childhood experiences damage kids

Mar 16, 2018, Oakridger (Oakridge, TN): Healthy Families Tennessee educates area parents Susan Moore, regional manager of Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, spoke recently to the League of Women Voters Oak Ridge about the program “Healthy Families Tennessee.” The program is an education program for parents of children from the prenatal stages of development up to kindergarten age, according to Moore’s presentation. … It’s about supporting positive parenting, improving maternal and child health and promoting child development and school readiness. She said Healthy Families Tennessee is voluntary and free of charge. The program offers what Moore called weekly “evidence-based home visits.” Moore said “evidence-based” means based on “what we’ve learned over years of research.”… She said impulse-control is a topic of some home visits. She said helping parents control their impulses could prevent them from shaking babies — which can cause brain injury. She also said her program could provide referrals for professional help for depression, substance abuse and family violence. During her presentation, Moore also said “adverse childhood experiences” can affect a child’s development. While she mentioned physical, emotional and sexual abuse, she said it could include other types of experiences besides abuse, such as physical and emotional neglect and family issues such as divorce, substance abuse, incarcerated relatives or a mother treated violently.