Oakland, CA: School district: "More special needs students, declining enrollment"

Dec 13, 2017, KTVU-TV Oakland, CA: 12 reasons why Oakland Unified School District must slash $9M from budget mid-year The Oakland Unified School District board is poised on Wednesday night to slash $9.1 million from its budget during the middle of the year to remain “fiscally solvent,” upon discovering that there were millions of dollars spent, but had not been budgeted. … But Harris and the board laid out a myriad of other reasons why OUSD is in financial trouble – a legacy the district has unfortunately held since 2003 when the district went into state receivership because of financial troubles back then. Rising pension costs, more special needs students, declining enrollment, raises given to teachers and the fact that the district has no Chief Financial Officer are among some of those other key reasons. All that, of course, coupled with OUSD’s cultural history of financial mismanagement. … The district is mandated to take care of children with special needs – and charter schools do not. Almost 20 percent of OUSD's students have special needs, and last year alone, the district spent $11 million in transportation costs to get them to and from school. In addition, the numbers of students who have autism or ADHD continually increase, Gonzales said. Charter schools can, and often do, turn these students away. … Enrollment has greatly declined in OUSD. In 2,000 there were 50,000 students. Today, there are 36,000 students