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NYC school just for students with neurological problems; enrollment "approximately 86"

Oct 31, 2018, NY Metro Parents: Find Out What's So Special About the Gillen Brewer School The Gillen Brewer School, an independent school that focuses on special needs education helps its students grow through individualized attention, remarkably low student to staff ratios, and a strong relationship with the families it serves. With students who have a variety of special needs, including autism and ADD, and a team of in-house therapists and specialists, Gillen Brewer takes a special approach to special needs education. Name of School: The Gillen Brewer School Grades: The school does not have grades; students range in age from 2-10 years old Size of student body: Approximately 86 … What makes the school unique: “We have a pretty wide range of needs here in our school,” Santana says. “We have kids on the autism spectrum, we’ve got receptive and expressive language disorders, sensory integration disorders, and we have some ADHD/ADD kids.”… “Another thing that makes us actually unique is we have our own team of psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists in house. We have five of each,” Santana shares. One of each type of therapist is assigned to each class at all times, “so it’s really a team of six that is working with the kids,” Santana explains. Classes are held 12 months per year. Gillen Brewer constantly evaluates its students, who come from all boroughs of New York City except Staten Island, to make sure they’re in the proper setting for optimal learning. …

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