NY Times: "Rate of ER visits for [for kids with] anaphylaxis more than doubled" in 6 yrs

April 9, 2018, New York Times: Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions Rising in Children … A new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield looked at allergy diagnoses and at emergency room visits for anaphylaxis from 2010 to 2016 among their subscribers, who include 9.6 million children 18 and under all over the country. The report showed an increase in the incidence of children being diagnosed as “at risk” for anaphylaxis over the course of those seven years. And correspondingly, the rate of emergency room visits for anaphylaxis more than doubled, to 3.5 visits per 10,000 children in 2016 from 1.4 in 2010. … Regardless of cost or controversy, “What we don’t want anyone to do is say, because the cost is going up, maybe be less vigilant,” Dr. Haywood said. “Because we’re seeing a doubling of the incidence, it’s even more important you’re vigilant on this particular issue.”