Norwich, CT: School officials working on behavior issues

Aug 27, 2017, New London (CT) Day: Norwich school officials trying to improve reputation of Kelly Middle School ... School officials and other city agencies agree that last year was difficult, with increased incidents, including fights, verbal confrontations, a few drug and alcohol incidents and two students in possession of knives. Six students were expelled for the prescribed 180-day period. There were 108 out-of-school suspensions 194 in-school suspensions, involving 123 individual students.... As part of the practice, the first classes of each day will start in a circle, and the teachers will be on the lookout for students who seem upset, anxious or distracted. Staff will be trained to coach students through confrontations, restore relationships and instill respect between the parties…. The new clinicians are in addition to Kelly's two assistant principals, two school psychologists, three guidance counselors and the school safety officer, all with eyes on student behavior….