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Norwich, CT: Police make 64 trips to middle school last year; 18 students arrested

July 21, 2018, New London (CT) Day: Norwich police made frequent trips to city schools Norwich — Police Chief Patrick Daley said the disrespectfulness is not only at schools. He said officers in the past year have had more "negative interactions" with youths of middle school age on city streets and in parks. "The culture that we live in now," Dolliver said, "there's a lack of respect….” The Day requested police dispatch logs for all calls to Kelly Middle School and Norwich Free Academy for the 2017-18 school year. … In the 64 trips to Kelly, police arrested students 15 times, involving 18 students. Three students were charged with third-degree assault, 13 with breach of peace, two with carrying a dangerous weapon, including one charged with “carrying and sale of dangerous weapons,” three with threatening and two with marijuana possession…. On May 31, a 14-year-old girl was charged with third-degree assault and breach of peace after allegedly jumping a boy and knocking him to the floor twice. The boy's father, Timothy Wilcox, filed a federal discrimination complaint against Norwich Public Schools for failing to protect his son, a special needs student, after the family made more than 30 complaints about bullying against the boy…. Kelly dropped its school resource police officer in budget cuts two years ago but hired two "school safety officers." They patrol the hallways and try to direct students to class. Behavioral interventionists counsel disturbed students. "Sometimes they were full in there," Dolliver said. … NFA expelled 24 students, gave 176 out-of-school suspensions and 220 in-school suspensions, totals school officials said were “consistent” with recent years….

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