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Norwalk, CT: Catholic school to take special education students

Nov 7, 2019, Norwalk, CT, The Hour: All Saints first school in diocese to launch special education program A new program to serve students with mild to moderate special needs is gaining its footing at All Saints Catholic School. The Learning Academy at All Saints is the first of its kind in the Diocese of Bridgeport and, should parents demand it, could be a sign of things to come in the area. “I was approached by the superintendent of schools of the Diocese of Bridgeport (Steven Cheeseman last spring about the possibility of having a special education program here at All Saints,”Principal Linda Dunn said. “ Previous to this, if a child came to us and had a diagnosed learning disability, they were referred out to the public schools for special education services.”… The goal throughout the Diocese of Bridgeport is to add up to four Catholic schools with special education teachers and aides. “The children, they need your attention so much for the instruction, but definitely for the social-emotional piece, too,” Thompson said. “Obviously, the more children there are, the more you’re spreading your attention. …


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