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Northland, MN: Elem school gets therapy dog; "Walter has a calming effect"

May 31, 2019, WDIO, Duluth, MN: Walter the Therapy Dog Brightens Barnum Elementary As the school year wraps up for many Northland districts, one elementary is reflecting on how their new classmate Walter has brightened the halls. At 2 years old, Walter is pretty new to art class and recess. But the golden retriever might be the most popular kid at Barnum Elementary School. … Walter is a therapy dog. Kresky says he is really good at his job and makes hers easier too…. Dinger and another 4th grader, Aubrie Wright, say Walter has a calming effect. … "I've had an experience where I come in Mrs. Kresky's room and get upset, and then when I started getting upset, Walter knew. And he came to my rescue," Dinger said.


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