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Northfield, NJ: Officials 'very excited' to add sensory room 'to meet [students] sensory needs'

NORTHFIELD — Teachers and administrators were excited to cut the ribbon and officially open the new and permanent sensory room inside the Northfield Community School media center. Elementary School Principal Maureen Vaccaro said she was excited to finally have a dedicated and private space for the sensory room to help address the needs of all students…. Sensory rooms are therapeutic spaces providing individualized sensory input and are varied, depending upon the needs of the students. Some have soothing lights, while others allow for students to exert energy and get moving…. Katie Hanlin, the preschool self-contained teacher said the sensory room is a great addition to the school. “It will help our kids refocus and that is so important. It will allow them a few minutes to redirect their energy, refocus, and be ready and more receptive to learning,” said Hanlin. “I am really excited to have this room available for our kids. I know they will benefit from being able to utilize it.”… Whether a child needs practice with their fine or gross motor skills, or time developing their auditory, visual, or tactile processing, a sensory room provides a space for being calm, self-regulated, and allows for individual guidance for focusing…. “We are incorporating the sensory room into the daily schedule for some of our students as a proactive step to meet their sensory needs. …


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