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North Dakota: More violence in schools; "student behavior has become more aggressive"

Feb 1, 2019, KXNET, Bismarck, ND: Proposed Legislation Addresses Aggressive Student Behavior and School Safety Bipartisan legislation dives into the issues of violent student behavior and school safety. North Dakota Senator Erin Oban says she's heard from teachers statewide. They are facing escalating challenges with students, whether they're being aggressive with their peers, teachers or even bus drivers. She says it's time to start keeping track of how often incidents happen in schools and the impact they have. The goal is to bring together lawmakers and schools for a discussion focused on safety, and hopefully, come up with a uniform system for reporting any problems. … She says there's no clear answer to tackling safety and behavioral issues in school which is why a study to get this started is her first step. Bismarck Public Schools has seen 343 incidents of school safety concerns. Of those, 70 percent involved aggression toward peers and staff. … Pam Aadnes is a teacher at Legacy High school. In her twenty years with Bismarck Public Schools, she says student behavior has become more aggressive. The special education teacher adds, "Anything from shouting, screaming, to trashing a room, or hitting or throwing things at staff or other students." She's taught both elementary students and high-schoolers, and has seen this type of behavior at all grade levels…. Simle Middle School Principal Russ Riehl says you never know what a kid is going through or what's happening at home. He says schools need more tools to fit every kid, so outbursts don't continue to affect the entire classroom. …


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