North Carolina: School staff assaulted by students; more counselors needed

Aug 27, 2017, WSOC TV, Charlotte, NC: CMS numbers show increase of teachers being assaulted by students ... State numbers show more school personnel are being assaulted while at schools in Mecklenburg County. … State data shows there were 258 assaults on personnel in Mecklenburg County during the 2014-2015 School Year. There were 301 reported last school year, a 16 percent spike. … “There was a bill that was going through legislature that would have made it a felony for 16 or above to assault a teacher and that sort of stalled out. Is that the solution? I can’t answer, but better than we have now,” Kidd said. CMS Chairperson Mary McCray said state numbers don’t always tell the full story. “You also have to look at the number of children who may have emotional, mental or some kind of social problems of that nature,” McCray said. McCray said the district had asked for more money to add 60 more employees, such as counselors, psychologists and social workers to help kids in need. “We only got enough funding from our county commissioners to add six and we got it in our budget to add six more,” McCray said. “So we're batting 20 percent of what our needs are in this district.” Kidd agreed that more school counselors are needed, especially to help kids in elementary school before they graduate to middle and high school.