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Normal, IL: $1M+ for new SPED addition to elementary school; includes sensory/calming room

July 11, 2018, Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph: Unit 5 welcomes new board members, approves Colene Hoose bid Normal, IL: Several newcomers were welcomed to the McLean County Unit 5 school board on Wednesday. … In other news, the board approved a bid for just over $1 million from Bishop Bros Inc. of Peoria to begin construction on a special needs addition at Colene Hoose Elementary School. More than $700,000 — collected from the school land dedication fees paid by developers when their final plots are recorded with the county — will help fund the project. The remaining cost would come from the district’s working cash fund…. The 5,200-square-foot addition on the east side of the building will include four classrooms and common room, with the current space to be reconfigured to fit a larger calming room, conference space and sensory room. A separate bus lane will also be added. …

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