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Noblesville, IN: Voters to decide on $50M referendum for school mental health services

Nov 1, 2018. ABC6, Indianapolis: Noblesville schools asking for $50 million to improve school safety NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- With the school shooting from earlier this year still fresh on their minds, voters in the Noblesville School District will have to decide whether to approve a $50 million referendum aimed at improving school safety. The money will be used for mental health initiatives, increasing safety and teacher salaries in the district over the next eight years. District leaders made the decision to replace the 2016 referendum, worth $42 million, this summer after the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School earlier this year where a student and teacher were critically injured. … The mental health initiatives that would be covered by the increase include screening students for suicide, anger, trauma and adding mentoring programs. The school system would also hire a district mental health coordinator, 10 new social workers, more counselors, eight additional school resource officers and a full-time district safety director….

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