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Newton Falls, OH: District adds 2 therapy dogs to help with "anger issues"

Aug 17, 2021, Cleveland, OH, Fox 8: Adorable! Ohio school offers mental health support to students with 2 new ‘classmates’

The Newton Falls School District is focusing on students’ mental health in a special way this year. Newton Falls’ elementary and junior high students will have new classmates this fall — Junie B. Jones and Albus Dumbledore. The 9-week-old Labradoodles will serve as therapy dogs for students to offer additional social-emotional support for the kids who need it. “It’s going to help kids who have anger issues and kids who get upset very easily. The dogs are going to help to be a coping mechanism for them. It’s going to be a calming mechanism for the students,” said Principal Justin Christopher, Newton Falls Elementary/Middle School…. During the school day, the dogs will be with guidance counselors but they also plan to pay visits to classrooms as rewards for students. “The whole driving force behind this is to increase positive culture and community within the building,” said Assistant Principal Rachel Rankin, Newton Falls Junior/Senior High School.


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