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Newsday: OP ED piece calls for therapy dogs for autistic students

Sept 16, 2018, NY Newsday: Why therapy dogs should be allowed in the classroom (OP ED from sixth graders) Have you ever seen a student who has autism with a well-trained dog beside them? Those dogs are therapy dogs. They are specially trained to help an individual with autism. For example, these dogs help kids with autism feel more confident and comfortable in the school environment. Many schools don’t allow therapy dogs. I disagree with this because these dogs are there to help the student. … Therapy dogs should also be allowed in schools because if the student is nonverbal and feeling uncomfortable, he or she wouldn’t be able to tell the teacher, but the dog could sense that, and then comfort the student. … The next time you see a student with autism, maybe suggest to their teacher or parent to get a therapy dog for them. It could really help them.


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