Newbury Port, MA: Many cafeterias in ...schools have 'nut free' tables

Nov 28, 2017, Newbury Port (MA) News: Charter school goes clean and green A local charter school is replacing its harsh chemical cleaning products with natural, saltwater solutions. River Valley Charter School has become the first public charter school in the Merrimack Valley and North Shore areas to replace toxic chemical cleaners with natural, green products. The school replaced its combination of mainstream cleaners with Force of Nature, a natural mixture of salt, water and vinegar. Erin Cotton, an art teacher at River Valley, brought the idea of using Force of Nature to focus on the impact of chemicals and other environmental influences on children. She first started using the product in her home and noticed its benefits.... The presence of some students with food allergies prompted the switch to Force of Nature. Many cafeterias in public and private schools have “nut free” tables where students with food allergies can eat their lunch without being exposed to particles that could harm their health. River Valley, however, does not have a cafeteria. Instead, students eat at their desks in their designated classrooms. This can mean students with allergies to specific foods, such as nuts, might have a greater chance of exposure.