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Newark, NJ: "Therapeutic Day School" for behaviorally/emotionally disabled; $70K/student/yr

Oct 3, 2018, NEWARK, NJ, NJTV: Bergen County school caters to students with psychiatric needs From the outside, Paradigm Therapeutic Day School looks like any school, but it’s what’s going on inside that separates it from the rest. “The reason why the students are here is because they’re not able to make it in their regular school districts now and/or they have an intense clinical needs, psychiatric needs, and those needs are being addressed here through the clinicians,” said Maureen Kerne, region V special education coordinator. The private school celebrated its grand opening in September. It caters to students ages 12 to 21 who are classified as having behavioral disabilities and emotional disabilities. The student to staff ratio is 3 to 1. Christian Linius is one of 14 students currently enrolled at the school… Students do not need to live in Bergen County to attend, but do need be classified by a school district’s child study team to enroll. Tuition is nearly $70,000 for a school year. Under federal law, the full amount is paid for by the student’s school district….

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