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(New Zealand) Special needs school provides for kids with emotional/behavioral issues

Aug 4, 2018, Herald: Northern Health School "They might have eating disorders, anxiety, sexuality issues or post-traumatic stress disorder from some catastrophic event that has happened. Occasionally we have students suffering from psychosis, which can, at times, be drug-induced." Some are taught one-on-one bedside, both in hospital and in their homes. The remotely-based can sometimes receive tuition via webcam. When they are well enough, they attend the student support centre in Whangarei, which runs Monday to Thursday mornings. In the classrooms, there is a steady hum of amicable activity with students sitting alone or in pairs, some with earphones on laptops, others poring over books. The kitchen area is often used by a food technology student, sewing machines are lined up in another corner. Several teachers will be with students, guiding their work. It's a place where students feel safe and free of judgement and they are used to people coming and going in the class, from specialists to parents and school counsellors…. Then there was the 15-year-old girl with high levels of anxiety around her own-age peers, who transitioned to NorthTec this year and is studying alongside older students, having obtained early exemption. …


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