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(New Zealand) School thinks 600 more SPED staff members in New Zealand will be "fantastic"

Nov 6, 2018, Otago Daily Times: Learning support plan welcomed The Government's plan to introduce about 600 new learning support co-ordinators to work with special needs pupils, has drawn mixed reviews from Southern principals, all raising questions about how it will work. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced funding for a new workforce of educational professionals, who will work in schools, to ensure children with diverse learning needs get the support they need to learn. The $217million [$145M US dollars] investment over four years will allow co-ordinators to work alongside teachers, parents and other professionals to give pupils the individualised support they deserve. Green Island School principal Steve Hayward believed most principals across the region were "really excited'' by the announcement, because it would relieve some of the paperwork and workload of classroom teachers and principals. "For a school like us, it will be fantastic because we have a number of children that need some special learning support.'' "What teachers find really difficult is the children with behavioural issues and the challenging conditions that we deal with in the classroom…. A Dunedin parent, who declined to be named, welcomed the announcement. She had a son with autism and recalled the trials she had trying to get him the support he needed to attend his local primary school. …


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