(New Zealand) Over 1,000 incidents of restraint over 6 mo. in schools

Mar 26, 2018, (New Zealand) Herald: School restraint rules 'undermine adult authority' - Family First New rules that have required schools to report on more than 1000 incidents of physically restraining children since last August are undermining adult authority, the Family First lobby group says. The Ministry of Education has told the group under the Official Information Act that schools reported 1010 incidents in the first six months after the new restraint rules came into force on August 15. Principals' Federation vice-president Dr Cherie Taylor-Patel said each incident "can take up to nine hours to complete interviews, records and online reporting requirements". … Family First director Bob McCoskrie said the rules had "expelled common sense" from the classroom. "Combined with the 'chilling' effect of the anti-smacking law, this is all having the adverse effect of parents and teachers becoming too afraid to administer any physical control or restraint of children," he said. "Children have received the message that adults cannot touch them or even tell them what to do. … "Restraint is an important issue, and teachers tell us they are looking for clearer guidance on how to manage situations that may result in restraint," she said.