(New Zealand) New app to assess preschool children's mental health

Sept 17, 2017, New Zealand Stuff: Mental health intervention for preschoolers could be the answer to our high suicide rates Parents of preschool children will soon be able to assess their mental health with a new app being developed by psychologists. University of Auckland Professor Sally Merry is leading the development of an app which aims to be a a "Fitbit for mental health" for young children, called 'Super kids'. The project aims to reduce New Zealand's high youth suicide rates, with thirteen children between 10 and 14 taking their own lives last year, according to figures released by the chief coroner. Mental health has become a major issue in the general election with Labour promising to set up an inquiry in their first 100 days in office, while National pledged an extra $224 million over four years in its 2017 Budget. Fifty per cent of mental health conditions start before the age of 12 — without the work of researchers like Merry, "parents are going it alone", she added.