(New Zealand) More counselors needed in schools

Sept 9, 2017, Auckland (New Zealand) Newshub: Call for doubling of counsellor numbers in schools Currently, Kiwi schools have a ratio of around one counsellor per 800 students. President Bev Weber says it should be doubled to one counsellor for every 400 students.n "That's going to be beneficial to the students, because it means the school guidance counsellor is able to work more in-depth with that number of children - rather than trying to spread themselves thinly to help everybody."... Labour has promised nurses in every secondary school, should it form the next Government. It would mean any student could visit a professional and then be referred to youth health services, mental health services or their own doctor. "Evidence around existing services shows where students had more time with on-site health professionals there was significantly less depression and suicide risk," Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said in May.