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(New Zealand) "More children starting school wearing [diapers]"; expert blames increased anxiety

Oct 21, 2018, Stuff: At school in nappies: Anxious parents seek help with toilet-training new entrants A lot of children appear to start school who aren't potty-trained. New Zealand children are starting school in nappies, and growing numbers of anxious parents are looking for help to get their children toilet-trained in time. Plunket says it is normal for one in ten 5-year-olds to be still wetting themselves, at least at night, and Continence NZ says up to one in three still have daytime accidents up to the age of 11. But parents like Sam, 38, from Auckland have tried everything in their power to ensure their child is toilet-trained in time and failed. Primary school teachers, who asked not to be named, have confirmed that children are starting school wearing pull-ups, and others are only just out of nappies. … While some cases were related to other learning and behavioural problems, some were just about toilet-training…. Massey University senior lecturer in clinical psychology Dr Kirsty Ross said anxiety was on the increase in children, which could sometimes play a role with health issues. … "There's this fear 'my child is the only one doing this', which isn't the case at all," Ross said.

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