(New Zealand) Mental health and behavioral issues growing in schools

Aug 28, 2017, (New Zealand): 'Get Real' Prime Minister, say School Principals! ‘National standards have made no significant change to the achievement levels of priority learners since their introduction and that's why the Government introduced them. We have chronic teacher shortages and we are struggling to address the severe behaviour issues presented in our schools every day,’ he said ‘We have the children of methamphetamine addicts, who have extreme behavioural challenges, we have young people from homes where poverty pervades every aspect of their lives and we have children with severe autism, mental health issues and other afflictions which require specialist support, which many schools cannot access,’ he said. ‘For the Prime Minister to suggest that more national standards, foreign languages in primary schools and specialist digital technology teachers are the most important priorities, shows a man completely out of touch with the realities facing schools today,’ said Cormick. … Minister Kaye understands that the number of young people with mental health and other serious behavioural issues in our schools, is growing. Like us, she wants workable solutions to those issues,’ he said, 'and has offered a small budget - relative to the money being announced by the Prime Minister for his latest policies - to begin addressing this. … ‘Clearly, right now, addressing special education and teacher shortages are far higher priority than pouring millions into expanding the poor performing national standards system and teaching primary children Korean or Mandarin,’ Said Cormick