(New Zealand) 'Many children with special needs are coming into the system'

Dec 14, 2017, (New Zealand) Principal of 30 years calls Auckland teacher shortage ‘catastrophe’ After 47 years of being an educator, 32 of which she has been a principal, the one aspect she won't miss is the Auckland rush hour traffic. … Over the years she has seen massive changes to the education industry but she calls the teacher shortage "a catastrophe". "In Auckland, we think it's about 300 teachers that we will be short of at the beginning of next year." … "We have kids coming into the system who have significant health issues, with a range of learning disabilities that may have come from drug or alcohol abuse when mum was pregnant. "One of the reasons why so many children with special needs are coming into the system is because the medical community can save so many babies that would have died in the past."