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(New Zealand) Expert advises allergy education in schools; one in 10 kids affected

Aug 20, 2018, Banning foods in schools not the solution: Allergy advocate Banning kids from taking cakes and nuts to school or daycare won't necessarily stop kids from breaking out in hives or having an anaphylactic shock, according to parents of children with severe allergies. Australasian allergy advocate Jackie Nevard, whose 9-year-old son Thai has seven allergies, said the key was educating parents, teachers and kids rather than outright removing one or two foods from lunchboxes. But more and more education providers were instead resorting to banning foods which caused reactions. "It seems a simple solution banning food, but because there is like nine main allergens that cause an allergic reaction - banning nuts does nothing for the majority of children because milk, eggs and nuts are the top three allergens and you can't go banning milk and egg," Nevard said…. In New Zealand one in 10 children are likely to have a food allergy by 12 months of age…. Nevard is visiting schools and childcare centres in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga next week to raise awareness around food allergies and how the community can help sufferers safe…. The 5-year-old Hamilton boy has a teacher aide sit with him while he eats lunch at school to make sure he doesn't come in contact with his danger foods that other kids are eating around him. The teacher aide also helps him apply his barrier creams for his eczema and his extensive medical kit which includes an EpiPen is always close by. Isaac's food allergies include egg, dairy, sesame, kiwi fruit and cashew and pistachio nuts. He also has environmental allergies including dust mites, pollen, grass, cats and dogs which cause his face to come up in a red rash and his eyes to go puffy, red and itchy….

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