(New Zealand) Common practice for schools to lock autistic kids in seclusion rooms

Nov 17, 2017, (New Zealand) NewsTalkZB: Putting autistic children in seclusion rooms not uncommon – expert Putting autistic children in seclusion rooms isn't as rare as we might think. Ruru Specialist School in Invercargill is under fire for repeatedly placing an upset autistic child in a seclusion room between 2011 and 2015. Last year, an autistic boy was reportedly locked in a cupboard-sized room at Miramar School, and staff were accused of hitting and force-feeding kids at a special needs school in Dunedin. Autism New Zealand CEO, Dane Dougan told Mike Hosking although laws have since changed, a Ministry of Education survey last year found such practices are not uncommon. "Children with autism, there is certainly need for a quiet space for them but not in a locked, tiny, cupboard-sized room."