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(New Zealand) Calls for adding "mindfulness" to schools to address student anxiety

Aug 18, 2019, Mindfulness and meditation a strategy for teenage mental health resilience, says charity Concerns about stress levels for teenagers are driving calls to get mindfulness teaching into schools. The Kindness Institute is pushing for some of the Government's to take the idea of mindfulness in schools "seriously" as part of its Wellbeing budget. … "We were really pleased to see that mindfulness education was actually included in the report as a strategy that should be looked into. It is promising. … There was a "rather concerning" trend emerging that stress was becoming more and more of an issue for young people in New Zealand, he said. "Having robust, well-tested approaches to mindfulness, spiritual health and ... so on will continue to be key for schools. It's a good thing, I think. … "As long as there's buy-in, it can't hurt."


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