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(New Zealand) 20%of students are SPED; "So what are we doing wrong?"

Nov 12, 2018, NZ Herald: Struggling to learn: kids who learn differently struggle in schools A three-part Herald series starting today investigates why schools are struggling to cope with kids who are "wired differently". Tomorrow we report on the brain science of learning differences, and on Wednesday we ask how we could do better…. His grandmother Maria Jones says he has attended five schools but only lasted more than a term or two at one of them. "He's been locked up in cupboards and rolled in mats and put in cardboard boxes and shoved in seclusion rooms," she says. "A child in Africa has a better chance of getting access to education than Razeal does." Our schools are struggling to cope with thousands of young people like Razeal. The Ministry of Education says 162,600 children in schools and preschools - about one in every five - accessed extra learning support in 2016. "Some conditions are becoming more prevalent, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder," the ministry said in a presentation to ministers in April. "Funding hasn't kept up with demand." But funding for what used to be called "special needs", now called "learning support", has actually increased massively in recent years, to the point where we now have nearly one teacher aide for every two teachers: 21,673 teacher aides. and 55,000 teachers
So what are we doing wrong?


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