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New York City: 27% of eligible students didn't receive SPED services; lack of therapists cited

July 7, 2018, (UK) Columbus Dispatch Leader: Thousands Of Children Not Receiving Aid For Special Education New York: Thousands of children attending New York public schools never received obligatory services for special education in 2016 In the New York school system, roughly 200,000 individual students receive personalized plans for their education, receiving services for issues such as emotional disturbance problems, general learning disabilities, and speech impairments…. A report issued by the city revealed that the percentage of students categorized as having fully received necessary services during the school year had increased (59 percent in 2015 to 73 percent in 2016). Although this is a considerable improvement, the figure still means that over 40,000 students did not fully receive required services, meaning they only received partial services or no services whatsoever…. The report revealed that roughly 4,500 vouches – nearly half of the 9,000 issued during 2015-2016 – were not used, partially due to the lack of qualified therapists in certain areas of the city….

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