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New York: ALL schools required to address mental health in their curriculum

July 3, 2018, Buffalo (NY) News: Mental health education now required in New York schools All elementary, middle and high schools across New York State now will be required to teach about mental health, under a new law that took effect this month. Billed as the first of its kind in the nation, the legislation was signed into law in 2016, after years of lobbying by the Mental Health Association in New York State…. About one in five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness. Roughly half of chronic mental health conditions start by age 14. Half of anxiety disorders begin as early as 8. More than one-fifth of teenagers age 13 to 18 experience serious mental illness each year. While the law requires schools to provide mental health education, it does not mandate a specific curriculum. That’s why the Mental Health Association in New York State, which focuses on mental health advocacy and programming, is preparing to launch a resource and training center to help schools prepare for the upcoming school year….

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