New Rochelle, NY: Board of Ed wants "additional supports to foster emotional health"

April 18, 2018, New Rochelle, NY FM: New Rochelle Board of Education adopts $272,804,093 budget for the 2018-2019 school year …The budget proposal has a 3.89 percent tax levy increase, which means the budget exceeds the state tax cap, which is 2.231 percent for New Rochelle. That means the budget will need 60 percent of the voters to approve the measure, rather than a simple majority, when the budget goes before voters on May 15…. The plan carries a spending increase of $13,181,605, or 5.08 percent, over the current year’s budget. … ... This spending plan is responsive to the community’s requests for increased social-emotional supports and maintains high-quality programming for our students in a district where per-pupil spending is historically among the lowest in the county. The Board is supportive of this budget.” … The spending plan includes additional supports to foster the emotional health and social well-being of students. … “Residents of New Rochelle will have before them a budget that achieves the district’s goals of addressing the emotional and social needs of students while maintaining New Rochelle’s standard of high-quality educational programs,” said Dr. Osborne. … Proposed new positions meet two needs. The first is additional positions providing social emotional supports for students and families. They include four school counselors at New Rochelle High School (one in each house); three school psychologist FTEs, for full-time equivalents (Barnard Early Childhood Center 1.5, Columbus Elementary School .5, Davis Webster Elementary School .5 restoration of a position, Trinity Elementary School .5 restoration; and three school social worker FTEs (Barnard .6 restoration, Columbus .5, Trinity 5, William B. Ward Elementary School .4, Albert Leonard Middle School .5 restoration, Districtwide .5).