New Jersey: 'Tremendous rise' in students receiving SPED services

July 3, 2017, Addressing the need for special education teachers in New Jersey "There has been a tremendous rise for children who are receiving services in the state," said Dr. Julie Norflus-Good, director of the Master of Arts in Special Education Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey. "In Bergen County alone, there's a tremendous rise in the need for teachers who are certified in special education to meet the diverse needs of the students who are being classified. And there's a lot of children with a lot of different needs."

Since there are more students in general education classrooms receiving special education services, it is important for general education teachers to attain the skillset to meet their needs and learn how to differentiate instruction. Therefore, many general education teachers opt to receive the Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification or a Master of Arts in Special Education to learn how to properly instruct students of all levels.