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New Jersey school supt sees "MORE EMOTIONAL ISSUES" in the past 5 yrs

Nov 16, 2019, News 12, New Jersey: Voters approve tax hike to fund mental health services at 2 school districts Voters in two local school districts have decided to raise their own taxes to fund mental health services in their schools. The referendums passed in both Metuchen School District in Middlesex County and Collingswood Public Schools in Camden County. In Metuchen, $700,000 will help fund more on-site clinicians and programs for students at middle and elementary school levels. "This is my 30th year in education and I've seen personally more emotional issues, more anxiety, more depression and students in the last five than in the previous 25," said Superintendent of Metuchen School District Dr. Vincent Caputo. Collingswood Public Schools will receive $250,000 that will allow them to hire a mental health counseling coordinator for their elementary students….


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