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New Jersey offers "sensory-friendly summer camp"

July 10, 2023, New Jersey 101.5FM: A sensory-friendly NJ camp is hiring teachers and counselors right now
If you have a child with special needs and/or sensory issues or know someone who does, you may understand what a challenge It is to find activities for them that make them feel safe and comfortable.
That’s why this sensory-friendly summer camp will be a God-send to so many New Jerseyans.

And there are plenty of special needs teachers in NJ as well as those who have experience and the desire to work with kids with sensory issues. If you’re in that category, here’s a fulfilling way to supplement your income this summer while doing the kind of work you love to do.

Union County has a Sensory Friendly summer camp that is hiring special education teachers and counselors.

The camp takes place from Aug. 21 through Aug. 25 at 452 New Providence Road, in Mountainside. The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

For teachers, an appropriate state teaching certification must be completed and special education expertise is necessary. The job also requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Pay for teachers is $25 per hour.

Counselors' pay is $20 per hour and the counselor requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent. And a bachelor's degree in special education or a related field is preferred. Also, you should have experience working with individuals with special needs, preferably in an educational or caregiving setting in order to apply.


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