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New Jersey: Autism providers partner to provide more services

May 11, 2023, Tap Into Fair Lawn: NJ-based Therapy Companies Partner to Open Pediatric Developmental Center in Fair Lawn, Providing In-House Autism Therapy, Neuropsychological Evaluation, and Social Skills Groups

As Mental Health Awareness Month continues throughout May, two leading NJ-based Behavioral Therapy companies — The COR Behavioral Group, an ABA, Autism and Developmental Disabilities Therapy provider, and Baker Street Behavioral Health, a country-wide Psychology and Mental Health Services company — proudly announce the Grand Opening of a new shared Pediatric Developmental Center, located at 15-01 Broadway, in Fair Lawn, NJ.

“The new Developmental Center allows our staff to help clients reach their full potential, thanks in part to a perfect mix of center-based, in-home, and telehealth therapy options we provide,” said Dr. Joe Galasso, Founder and CEO of The COR Behavioral Group and Baker Street Behavioral Health. “The two companies work together to proudly provide a customer-driven suite of therapy services, from Autism-focused ABA Therapy, to psychology,

neuropsychological testing and evaluation, medication management, social skills groups, and many more.”…

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