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New Haven, CT: Police connect to local autism community

Dec 1, 2023, WTNH, New Haven, CT: East Haven police announce Autism Safety Project
Police in East Haven announced a new program on Friday that aims to build a stronger connection with the autism community.

LINKED, an Autism Safety Project plans to build relationships between emergency responders and members of the autism and special needs community.

The project was created by Ashely McClain, a mother of a child with autism.

“From one email to North Branford Police Department to a wraparound program that has been fully implemented in several communities throughout the state, we are thankful,” said McClain in a written statement. “The collaborations we’ve made, the partnerships that have been forged and the community that is being built is indescribable. We have connected municipalities, families and most important we’ve built relationships.”

Caregivers of the East Haven autism and special needs community can register for this program online or in person at the police department.

Each family that registers will receive a Family Emergency Planning folder that details the best tips to navigate this program in an emergency. Patrol vehicles are also equipped with a sensory kit which contains various sensory products recommended by professionals. The program is free for all East Haven residents.

“Implementing this new program is an excellent advancement for our police department and I’m eager to witness the positive impact and community inclusivity it will foster,” Deputy Chief Pat Tracy said in a written statement.


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