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New Haven, CT: Elem school gets "sensory walk" for kids with "trouble focusing"

Jan 28, 2019, New Haven (CT) Shoreline Times: Sensory walkway helps Madison elementary school students refocus At Island Avenue Elementary School, an interactive sensory movement walkway gives students the chance to “get their wiggles out” and better focus on their work, said Principal Rebecca Frost. Teachers already are seeing positive effects on education. Inspired by a similar initiative at a Canadian school, the walkway works a bit like an obstacle course: tape creates various unique paths on the ground, and instructions on the walls tell students how to use it…. The segments come together in a loop, so that if a student has trouble focusing, the teacher can suggest they go into the hallway and do two laps on the walkway. … The project started when Island Avenue kindergarten teacher Maria Barnikow observed that many kids in the school need movement breaks during the day. Though the students get 45 minutes of recess every day, Frost said, teachers wanted something quick and accessible that would allow kids who were having trouble focusing to work off energy….

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