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New Haven, CT: District uses $1M grant to add full-time mental health workers at 5 schools

Oct 1, 2018, New Haven (CT) Register: Dalio Foundation grant funds mental health clinicians at five schools A private foundation with a recent history of funding programs in the city’s schools announced a $965,000 grant to pay for full-time mental health clinicians at five schools this month…. “The mental health of our students is the most fundamental prerequisite for their well-being and education, and for that reason, the collaboration with New Haven Public Schools and Clifford Beers is very important to me,” said Barbara Dalio in a statement…. “Our teachers see firsthand the effects of adversity, trauma, and stress on our students. They know that these factors have the potential to negatively impact a child’s ability to achieve and be successful in school. Our collaboration with the Dalio Foundation and Clifford Beers benefits both students and teachers, helping us to create a supportive learning environment to bolster students’ affective growth and development and social emotional wellbeing,” Birks said in a statement.

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