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Nevada: Non-profit has new autism center; waiting time for testing 16-18 months

June 17, 2021, CBS8, Las Vegas: New Boys Town facility will reduce waiting time for autism testing

A local non-profit that helps save children and heal families has a new facility. Boys Town has a second behavioral health clinic. Most importantly, this should help reduce the waiting time for autism testing. The organization, which has been in Nevada for 30 years, offers behavioral health services for kids and their families…. The clinic will help with autism testing, therapy, and support siblings of those with autism. “That initial diagnosis and testing allows them to receive the services whether it’s occupational therapy, physical or speech or educational services. It’s a huge sense of relief. The current waitlist for autism testing is 16 to 18 months. Boys Town hopes to decrease that time and serve at least 200 more families.


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