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Nevada, MO: District waits 18 mos to be reimbursed by the state for $200,000 SPED spending

June 29, 2018, Nevada (MO) Daily Mail: Bronaugh R-7 board wrestles with budget options …Following the regular monthly meeting eleven days earlier, Superintendent Dr. David Copeland had said, “All public schools in Missouri have students with IEPs (individual education program) and most of the time they’re very well served by a special education teacher and maybe one or more para-professionals working with the student.” The superintendent then spoke about the High Need Fund and a problem he thinks the Missouri General Assembly needs to fix. The High Need Fund provides financial reimbursement to districts for special education students when costs exceed three times the cost of a typical special education student…. The superintendent said, “Well, according to an email the district received, the typical time it’ll take for us to receive the portion which the state will reimburse us is currently 12 and they warned us it would be likely 18 months from the time we submit our costs until the time we see the money,”… Explained Copeland, “Our budget looks great but when we have to wait 12 to 18 months to be reimbursed for over $200,000 in costs that means we don’t have a budget problem, we have a cash flow problem.”… At the mid-June board meeting the superintendent told the board about efforts to lobby the legislature about this problem.

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